MyWish announces a partnership with GetBlock

2 min readMar 4, 2022

Our team is excited to share that MyWish has partnered with, the provider of instant API access to full nodes from multiple blockchains! GetBlock offers access to more than 40 networks helping developers to build high-quality decentralized applications faster.

We are more than happy to establish a connection with the project that shares our beliefs in blockchain technology’s massive adoption! MyWish team is excited to befriend an infrastructure platform increasing brand awareness for both sides. We hope to maintain this partnership and move forward side by side to make blockchain technology easy to access and convenient to use for any business need.

About GetBlock

GetBlock is the blockchain nodes provider with access to over 40 networks to choose from. The platform offers reliable tools and infrastructure to blockchain developers. GetBlock team is willing to solve an extensive range of problems faced by blockchain developers every day: hardware and electricity expenses, lack of well-written documentation, multiple nodes issues, and so on.

The project offers major blockchain nodes in one space, fast and simple integration, easy-to-use dashboard and docs, built-in statistics, reliable connection at high speed, well-timed updates, and many more! GetBlock provides different node options, flexible payment methods, and pricing packages to fit a wide range of budgets and company sizes.




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About MyWish

MyWish is a leading Smart contract generation platform with over 47 000 users and over 36 000 created contracts. MyWish platform strives to provide the most convenient, efficient, and easy-to-use tooling infrastructure for any network. We are willing to give our users maximum flexibility for their choice by offering a variety of blockchains, contract templates, and tools for crypto assets creation management.

The platform offers no-coding solutions starting with the smart contract generator allowing to create tokens right from the browser. MyWish also provides custom services such as Cross-Chain Bridges, a highly efficient token distribution tool, and many other tools to simplify crypto for any business purpose.







MyWish keeps exploring blockchains’ ecosystems and befriending projects that share our ideas of blockchain simplification! We are continuing our work to make the crypto industry more accessible and bring technology to mass adoption.