MyWish and Math Wallet cooperation

We are happy to share that MyWish has integrated Math Wallet, a universal crypto wallet supporting 60+ blockchains! From now on, our users can easily complete airdrop with the Math Wallet connection. There is no need to import an account to Metamask and send funds anywhere.

We believe that this cooperation will provide users of both our projects with even more convenient conditions for crypto assets management!

MyWish team is continuing to expand the platform’s functionality bringing the user experience to the next level and increasing accessibility for a wider audience! We are excited to explore new partnership opportunities and establish new connections getting closer to our goal of blockchain mass adoption.

Use the token multisender by the link:

Use the token multisender by the link:

About Math Wallet

MathWallet is a multi-platform (mobile/desktop/hardware) universal crypto wallet that enables token storage of 60+ chains including BTC, ETH, Polkadot, Filecoin, EOS, Solana, BinanceChain, Cosmos etc, supports cross-chain token exchange, multi-chain dApp store and operates nodes for POS chain.


Math Wallet:

Math DApp Store:



About MyWish

MyWish is a leading Smart contract generation platform with over 44 000 users and over 32 000 created contracts.

MyWish platform strives to provide the most convenient, efficient, and easy-to-use tooling infrastructure for any network. We are willing to give our users maximum flexibility for their choice by offering a variety of blockchains, contract templates, and tools for crypto assets creation management.

The platform offers no-coding solutions starting with the smart contract generator allowing to create tokens right from the browser. MyWish also provides custom services such as Cross-Chain Bridges, a highly efficient token distribution tool, and many other tools to simplify crypto for everyone.








The Leading Smart Contracts Generator

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