MyWish and BestRate: a reliable foundation for your EOS-based project

4 major tasks for an EOS-based project

  1. Set up an EOS-account and create your Token contract.
  2. Conduct the private sale. Accept payments from your investors and distribute your tokens amongst them.
  3. Conduct an airdrop campaign. This is a good marketing solution to attract the audience before the launch of your project. You can also try to carry out the public sale, but it’s a risky move as the market is at the flat stage right now.
  4. Distribute the tokens. After your project has been launched, you will also need a tool to sell your tokens and deliver them to your users.
  • High costs. Mind the salary that you will have to pay to your development team.
  • Errors in the code. Since the solution will be developed from scratch and not tested in the live mode, most likely there will be many bugs and eventually, it will be very hard to make it work as desired.
  • No way to accept FIAT. You can develop the tool to automatically accept payments, but due to the cryptocurrency legalization problems, it’s near to impossible to find a payment provider who would agree to process fiat-to-crypto transactions.

MyWish and BestRate offer a solution

1. Create an EOS-account.

  1. You can ask someone (an experienced friend or someone you trust) to create an account for you.
  2. Use a qualified service specializing in this.

2. Create an EOS-based token.

3. Conduct an airdrop campaign.

4. ICO payment tool.

  • Accept payments in EUR/USD and 80+ cryptos
  • Distribute your tokens automatically

5. Token distribution





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