MyWill team at the Crypto Talks Meetup

On 16th Sep, our CTO, Valery Dubrava gave a lecture at the Crypto Talks hosted by Business-Incubator Ingria, Saint-Petersburg. (

It was an event arranged by Ingria and cryptocommunity so people interested in blockchain technologies could get into the cryptoworld. Since the market is very young and still evolving, one of the Crypto Talks goals was to gather experts, project managers and developers looking for new possibilities.

The goal was «to create a high-quality content and a networking space for those who want to understand blockchain world better». And mission was accomplished!

Speech format included 40 mins for presentation and 10 mins for answering the questions.

Valery spoke on blockchain background, Ethereum system and other related technologies revealing their basic principles and considering their future application. MyWill platform’s concept and deployment was one of the hottest things to discuss.

We are working on the edge of modern technologies and we’re sure — the only perspective is progress, and sky is not the limit any more.

MyWill team.

The start of our ICO is coming quite soon — September 20th we’re launching our token sale!

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