MyWill Platform — the expansion of LastWill concept and other updates.

Hello, everyone!

It’s been a while since we posted news on our project, looks like it’s time for a quick update!

After finishing the Last Will’s PRE-ICO On August, 19th and raising more than 750 ETH our team’s been working really hard! We’ve got lot’s of valuable feedback on our idea at Hypethon, and we are ready to take our service to the next level.

First of all, we are excited to announce that we are expanding the functionality of our service and introducing the new MyWill platform.
It provides automated management of crypto funds in different life circumstances.

Using MyWill platform anyone can create smart-contract using template from the library and customize it for his own needs — no programming skills required. The service helps not only to create, test and deploy smart-contracts, but also calls the contracts on a regular basis to monitor account activity.

MyWill focuses on crypto funds management in the specific life situations rather than implementing universal mechanics for all types of smart contracts. First product on the platform is our ongoing contract LastWill — that we’ve been working on for the previous months — the transfer of person’s savings to his family or friends in the event of his sudden illness or death. There is also a number of smart-contracts under development for other circumstances, such as loss of a private key, transfer of money on certain occasion (specific date, birthday, etc).

Regarding the pivot of our business, we’ve decided to move the ICO start date from 4.09.2017 to 20.09.2017. We consider that this delay is not critical for investors, but it will give the team some extra time to get ready for the ICO, publish the new concept and execute much other work.

Lots of news in one release, hold tight!

We would also like to announce the change in the hard cap, it is raised up to $20mln. The expanded new concepts of our platform require more and more resources.

And finally, the renewed roadmap of the project is introduced below. We moved the dates of project implementation a little to set the things in time. Now the ICO start is announced on September 20th!

Image for post
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MyWill Platform Roadmap

Regardless all the news mentioned, all our team is committed to the development and release plans mentioned in the roadmap. All the pre-ico and bounty arrangements will be held precisely.

Best wishes,

Vladimir Tikhomirov, MyWill Platform (ex-LastWill) CEO.

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