It’s time for ICO on the NEO platform

Hello friends!

We are sure that you already know about our integration with NEO, an open Network for Smart Economy. Recently we made it real for NEO admirers to implement Token Sale Smart Contract in their business or some private purposes.

It’s been a while since we started working on the first NEO Crowdsale Smart Contract. Today we are happy to announce that it’s officially released and compatible with the NEP-5 standard token.

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At the moment NEO is not one of the most popular blockchains out there, but it definitely has the upper hand when it comes to a token sell. NEO covers the cost of calling smart contracts and also works without any commission when you invest your cryptocurrency. NEO Crowdsale Smart Contract based on MyWish allows any person create the Contract in a few easy clicks.

The Crowdsale Smart Contract is a Smart Contract specially made for ICOs. It was created to develop, distribute, or sell tokens that serve as funds raised through an ICO.

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NEO Crowdsale Smart Contract is extremely helpful for those who are looking for:

  • Purchasing Tokens using the function MintTokens.
  • Limited time for ICO.
  • Hard Cap. A limited maximum number of tokens that can be sold.
  • The ability to transfer ownership of the Contract to another address.
  • Strict control. Only the owner of Smart Contract is able to withdraw tokens.
  • The possibility to add tokens to several addresses before an actual start of ICO.
  • Permanent guidance. Notifications about any errors.
  • Extension of NEP5 by implementing additional functions. You can receive a request to withdraw cryptocurrency from your wallet / you can confirm or cancel that request / you can yourself send this type of requests.
  • Transfer of ownership to a different person.

We hope that NEO Crowdsale Smart Contract based on MyWish will attract plenty of loyal users to NEO Platform. If all the above-listed benefits will raise any questions or bring any suggestions, you should know that we are always here to start a discussion. Please, provide us with your feedback. We would also appreciate your code review.

We do work hard to make Blockchain safe and reliable place where each platform has Smart Contracts to offer.

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