How much does your idea cost? MyWish gives you 3000$ for launching your project on EOS.

Hello friends!

And now the moment you were waiting for: $3000 contests starts today. Participants will compete for the title of Best EOS ICO. The contest will run from October 1st to October 21st. The results will be announced on November 1st.

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It’s time to share with our contest details. Here are the long-awaited conditions of the competition, as promised. Projects who want to take part in a contest should fill in a Google Form. You will need to write a project name, a brief project description, upload the white paper / one-pager etc.

The winner will receive a smart contract on the MyWish platform with a value equivalent to $3000 for their project. Don’t miss this chance to take part in the contest! Speed up project development with the help of our smart contracts.

Apply here:

Stay tuned!

Good luck guys!

CEO MyWish (

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