New Token Sale Date for MyWish

MyWish Pre-ICO raised $220k during the pre-ICO, 170% of cap. Now, MyWish is preparing for the ICO, which will start on October, 25. Official site: Join the telegram group for more information:

In late October, the restart of MyWish token sale will take place. We decided to move the ICO date forward because of MyWish rebranding, active work on product improvement and ongoing negotiations with key partners.

After the launch of ICO, we received valuable feedback from the community and our advisors. We realized that MyWish can provide much more opportunities than was initially planned.

People are used to asset management in the world of fiat money. Our mission — create such services in the digital economy. Last month of our work was devoted to this.

We worked on expanding MyWish services, such as automatic payments, wedding contracts and deferred payments — creating a more extensive and reliable solution for the market. The development of the platform has advanced a lot and agreements have been reached with key partners. We also conducted several events, having tested our product in action. Currently, negotiations are under way with three new advisers to join our advisory board.

To demonstrate all the novelties and values ​​of MyWish platform to the community, the campaign will be relaunched in late October.

We took care of well-being of current ICO participants and developed a mechanic for reimbursements. Each investor will be able to receive a refund. The manual will be published no later than October 10th. All pre-ICO participants will keep tokens that will be automatically exchanged for new ICO tokens in late October.

We are confident that the all-new MyWish platform will generate interest in the crypto community and become a service that solves a real problem for crypto-owners.

Thank you for being with us!

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MyWish ICO is scheduled for October, 25. Official site: Join the discussion at

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