Recently we conducted Airdrop for our EOS-based token named “EOSISH” which was distributed for free to WISH and EOS holders.

We have created EOSISH as a payment method for creating EOS-Based smart contracts on our platform, to be the first project to allow the creation of contracts on EOS with no coding skills. You can try it yourselves:

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In this article, we are providing you with the results of the EOSISH campaign.

At the moment the distribution has been completed for all holders. So you can check your balance in your EOS account.

Below you can find the general information about the distribution of EOSISH:

Total supply: 50 000 000 tokens.

Team and advisors: 5 000 000

Bounty participators: 5 071 203

For EOS holders: we reserved 20 124 902 tokens but only 664 674,6 tokens were distributed.

For WISH holders: we reserved 19 803 895,00 tokens but only 8 670 156 tokens were distributed.

As a result, 30 593 966,4 tokens were not distributed, and they will be burnt by the 19th of January.

You can trade EOSISH here:

More details about EOSISH and this campaign you can read here:

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