Cryptocurrency has had a tough year. Prices plummeted across the board after reaching record highs in early January. The nature of crypto is volatile, and it’s led to many speculating that cryptocurrency is on its way out. However, MyWish’s recent work within the EOS community shows that this is not so. EOS, in particular, is, in fact, growing in popularity.

The Evidence

There are three points in the argument against EOS:

  • Recently, 4 directors have exited from EOS.

The Argument

Speculations about EOS are largely just that: speculations. Otherwise, they are opinions formed by gambling (EOSdice, etc.)

The Counterargument

In fact, EOS continues to grow in popularity. All you need to do is look at MyWish’s Smart Contract development. The outpouring of support from the EOS community has been massive. The number of people creating EOS Smart Contracts is impressive: over 1000 MyWish users have become acquainted with EOS Smart Contracts, and 300 Smart Contracts have been created in less than a month.

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The Conclusion

It may be a tough year for the cryptocurrency. But there have been years so tough for fiat they earned the name of the Great Depression, and crypto is yet far out from that. From looking at our data we can tell that interest in EOS lives, and that is, at least, something to work with.

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