Dmitry Machikhin, legal expert on cryptocurrencies, sharing feedback about our platform.

MyWish Pre-ICO raised $220k during the pre-ICO, 170% of cap. Now, MyWish is preparing for the ICO, which will start on October, 25. Official site: Join the telegram group for more information:

“The idea of platform MyWish interested me long before we started development of the project. The issue of inheritance of digital assets is long overdue, and I raised it in an article on Cointelegraph in early 2016. Back then I realized that there are no such services yet.(

2 years later, to my surprise, I saw the realization of my ideas on the blockchain festival ICO Hypethon in St. Petersburg, where MyWish team presented their project Last Will. I liked the approach of the developers, website design and their marketing strategy.

Despite some mourning topics, which the project raises, I believe that people need a strategic approach to possession of digital assets. Owners of cryptocurrencies do not live forever, and the question of succession will fall rise very soon in the crypto space.

Developers of MyWish touched on a really important issue and approached it from a technological point of view. Their platform issues other smart contracts, such as marriage contractы, deferred paymentы, transfer of funds to backup walletы in case of loss of the key.

Сases of wallets losses are not uncommon. Several my friends have lost wallets and access to it, or have broken their memory sticks. I know one person who threw his laptop with the recorded key of hundreds of bitcoins. When he realized that his bitcoins are worth millions of dollars, he rushed to restore memory. Fortunately, he was able to recover his keys.

We all know that a huge number of bitcoins are lost forever. The last transactions for many wallets was carried out 5–6 years ago when bitcoins were $10. At that time, 10–20 bitcoins had no value to their owners and they simply have simply forgotten about their savings.

But the growing price of cryptocurrencies has significantly changed the situation and that’s why MyWish has great prospects. I understand that not everyone can reasonably approach the issue of inheritance of cryptocurrencies and evaluate strategic and tactical importance of unilateral transactions on smart contracts. Maybe not too many people know about the platform, but the project will eventually attract your attention. I think that the new wedding contract will become very popular.

A an adviser to the project, I recommend you to participate in the ICO or use smart contracts based on MyWish platform.”

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CoinTelegraph Legal Dmitry Machikhin

MyWish is preparing for the ICO, which will start on October, 25. Official site: Join the telegram group for more information:

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