Cryptocurrency can now be given to children

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Each parent strives to give his child a maximum, share everything that he has and provide him a better future. Moreover, the crypto-owners are not an exception. People who believe in the growth and popularization of the digital economy are already thinking about how to save savings for descendants. Until recently the issue of transferring the cryptocurrency to relatives was opened.

The developers of the MyWish platform created the solution. Platform specializes in managing cryptocurrency assets in various life situations and it based on smart contracts. Deferred payment is one of the contracts created on the platform. It allows you to transfer funds to another owner’s wallet after passing a certain period.

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Murat Arpaci from Ankara became the first person to take advantage of the new service. Murat created a smart contract under the terms of which his twelve-year-old son Arda Ege will have access to a wallet with donated ethers on the day of majority. Within 6 years, the gift will be stored in the system and wait for its time. Murat made a blog entry where explains why he decided to make such an unusual gift to his son: “It seemed to me that this is a very cool idea, since I believe that the cryptocurrency will grow. I hope that the amount of money will be at the time of my son’s full age. I care about the future of my family.”

There is a high chance that the service will become very popular among crypto-parents, as it allows transferring savings to the children of any age and at any time. In consequence of a simple interface, each person can make a smart contract without much knowledge in IT. Most importantly that the terms of the contract will be fulfilled regardless of external circumstances and life situations that can happen in a few years. The heir is guaranteed to receive its own cryptocurrency.

MyWish token sale started: Join the telegram group for more information:

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