Creation of the first family budget on the blockchain

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The popularity of the blockchain grows together with the spheres of its application. Technical features of the system allow its adherents to invent new services and platforms for implementing the most non-standard ideas. Now it is time when everyone can create something that did not exist earlier and could become a pioneer in any business.

This opportunity attracted a young couple from St. Petersburg — Vasily Lifanovsky and Alla Tkachenko. Young people decided to combine their crypto-savings into a single family budget and fix it in the form of the first marriage contract in Russia concluded in the system of blockchains. This action became possible with the help of the MyWish platform which helps users to manage crypto-currency assets in various life situations including marriage.

The genuine idea to combine their crypto-wallets with a smart-contract was Vasily’s. The guy was interested in the sphere of blockchain since he had graduated from the university in 2013. Now he is creating smart-contracts in the DDG company. He was the first who decided to use the new service. The couple met at work. Problems with the adoption of a mutual decision did not arise because the topic of innovative technologies was close to both. With the great pleasure, Alla supported the groom’s initiative to become the first couple in the country that concluded a marriage agreement on joint management of the crypto currency.

“When I first heard about the blockchains, I considered that a certain network had been created over the existing economic institutions. And this network could be influenced by ourselves. Each participant of this network, whether it is an ordinary guy or a girl with a computer, can directly manage it. The system inspired me so much that I decided to become a part of the near future and also to make influence on it. Now, when I have a family, I want to make sure that our finances are protected from various circumstances. Although I believe that the fiat money will depreciate in five years, it is logical to resolve the issue of a joint crypto-budget right now. The time when the money was stored in glass jars has gone forever. “- explains his decision Vasily.

The couple held the conclusion of the wedding contract in the picturesque hall of the Rumyantsev mansion in the circle of the closest people. According to the couple, they wanted this event to be immortalized not only in the blockchain system, but also in the family archive.

The essence of the marriage contract is that the couple’s savings will be combined by a smart contract created on the MyWish platform, where they can transfer funds in the future. Additionally, money from third-party wallets can enter there. For example, Vasil and Alla offer their friends and relatives under this contract to give them wedding gifts in the form of crypto currency.

The newlyweds will be able to use the funds only with consent of both. This creates the possibility of mutual regulation of financial issues in the family. They can set various conditions, such as the possibility of withdrawing savings only after 5 years marriage. Thus, the marriage contract will allow its owners to accumulate a certain amount for a stated goal.

In case of termination of the contract, all funds that are received from the wallets of the couple will be returned inversely in proportion to the amount they are received. And the funds from other wallets will be divided in half. There are 3 months given to cancel the termination in case of an unwise decision. In the event of the death of one of the couple, the funds will be transferred to the account of the heir or the spouse.

The MyWish platform provides you with the infrastructure for solutions that save the owners crypto-currency using a secure smart-contract. There is a big amount of developed contracts for different life circumstances: the loss of a private key, the transfer of money for a particular case — wills, gifts and marriage contracts. The developers are trying to bring the blockchain closer to real life and make it accessible and understandable for everyone

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