Ambassador program results. Congratulations to the selected applicants!

We are eternally thankful to all of the participants who applied for the MyWish Ambassador Program. Thank you for your partnership with us.

First of all, we would like to praise everyone who applied for approaching the assignment with a determined attitude. We were highly impressed by the coverage. People from more than 10 countries in the world applied, and did their best to become a part of the community. We are very happy to spread the word and make our product world renown.

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In this regard, we are excited to officially announce the names of the selected participants for the next step in the process of becoming an ambassador. In the near future, we will be interviewing each of the selected participants and begin to make a personalized agenda for our collaboration together.

Our goal from this is to see how their interests, talents and possible networking opportunities will integrate with company.

The selected ambassador applicants are as follows:

-Daniel Kitron, USA

-Ian Robertson, Australia

-Jordan Ethridge, USA

-Julien Magne, France

-Liam Barber, England

-Melissa Hall,Germany

-Namra Pandya, India

-Vinny Rajah and Shawn Rajah,Canada

For the individuals who found themselves on this list, please wait. We will be contacting you all directly as soon as possible. We would like to also express special gratitude to the other participants for their participation in this event. Thank you for your interest and ongoing support. Talk with you all soon and forever!

CEO MyWish (

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