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Main goals for 2021

  1. New Tokenomics and Wrapped WISH
  2. Layer 2 contracts generation leader
  3. Polkadot integration


Last year was a pretty successful year for the platform. Thanks to our service, more than 6,000 smart contracts were created and the self-sustaining project showed good annual results.

However, we have taken into consideration our shortcomings and are ready to present a promising new Roadmap for 2021.

Also, even though the token has grown fivefold over the past year, our goal is to make the WISH token more attractive and increase the platform’s visibility.

Explanations for the roadmap

Quarter I 2021

So let’s begin, in order, our exciting adventure toward the planet of blockchain. …

It’s been a challenging year for everyone and first and foremost we want to thank our followers for their support day in and day out. We promise to be even more helpful in the coming year.

Summing up the results of the year at MyWish has always been a positive thing to do. The results of our work in 2020 have only strengthened this tradition. We have something to be proud of, something to praise ourselves for. Our company is growing steadily: revenue is up 44% over 2019, our staff is up 20%. …

Hello everyone! Here is our December status report.

Our team will be on holiday from the 31st of December till the 11th of January. Our technical support will be online during the holidays.


  1. Security works on the Platform completed: Integrating domain service providers (such as Cloudflare) for improved security, better stability, and speed optimization. It helps to protect from hacking attacks, DNS lookups, and traffic overloading (known as HTTP Flood attacks, which are spread across all internet. …

Hello MyWish Holders,

Here are the details of the Rubic (RBC) Airdrop 1 stage.

The December 15, the snapshot was successful, which means that all holders of more than 1,000 WISH tokens will receive RBC tokens in the following sequence.

It is important to note that Rubic tokens are based on Ethereum. This means we will need your ETH — addresses where to send the tokens.

From the snapshot, we will determine the number of tokens you get in the ratio of 1 RBC for 4 WISH. …

Hello everyone! Here is our November status report.


1. We are expanding the list of supported blockchains so please welcome the new seventh blockchain on the MyWish platform: Matic!

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Last week we took part in the Matic Dev Day, and we have implemented Matic blockchain support on the MyWish platform and now it is possible to create Matic-based tokens, crowdsale contracts, and airdrops.

Hello everyone! Here is our October status report.

This month we see a declining number of paid contracts because of Google Ad ban. Despite this a lot of positive news: good demand for contracts on Binance Smart Chain, grant from Matic and new services introduction.


1. We have received a grant from the Matic blockchain and we have already made great progress in supporting the Matic blockchain. Now we are testing it and it will be introduced in November.

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2. Сode refactoring has been finished, we have updated interaction with Infura’s service, and thus have reduced the delays while working with blockchain data. …

Hello MyWish Friends!

First of all, we would like to thank you again for the fact that you have been watching our successes and hardships with us for 3 years.

Recently, we have launched the Multichain p2p Platform —
Our team always supports MyWish owners at all times. In this regard, we decided to encourage our holders with Rubic RBC tokens.

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Instructions on how to get bonus RBC tokens for MyWish holders:

1. All MyWish holders with a balance above 1000 WISH tokens will be eligible for the airdrop of RBC.

2. The number of RBC tokens depends directly on your balance on the snapshots. …

Hello everyone!
Here is our September status report.

The last month was the most successful since MyWish’s foundation.

More than 100 contracts were created in the Mainnet, about 50,000 WISH/ 200,000 TRONISH were frozen.

Thank you for the support and we hope that it’s just the beginning!


  1. MyWish is a multichain Platform and Binance Smart Chain integration was a natural move.

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Now you can create Token in Binance Smart Chain, Start Crowdsale, or make an Airdrop contract.

At the moment, the number of created Binance-based contracts is close to 100 items (main net and test net).

2. We are refactoring the code to reduce the delays while working with blockchain data (we are interacting via infura’s service). Plan to complete refactoring in 2 weeks. …

Hello everyone!

Here is our August status report.


In accordance with our DeFi strategy, we continue development / rebuild our services to correspond best practices in the DeFi space and make it compatible with external products.

  1. P2P exchange protocol. As it was introduced first in protocol will provide decentralized solutions for p2p exchange.

Key features:

- No need to list tokens for trading (the same as on uniswap)

- Optional limitation for taking funds back if a trade is not completed (to avoid the situation when some projects remove liquidity and kill the token)

- Integration with uniswap, and other services for closing the trades…

Nowadays, at a time when the world is in post-pandemic shock and uncertainty, decentralized finance is attracting more and more attention. Investments have tripled since the summer of 2019, thanks to a significantly higher deposit rate from MakerDAO compared to traditional banks.

DeFi is attracting more investor confidence

According to statistics, already 15% of the U.S. adult population are holders of digital assets and know about the stacking. Despite the fact that many believe that demand growth is speculative, one cannot deny the basic values of decentralized finance.

DeFi provides global access to decentralized alternatives to traditional financial services such as trade, insurance, savings and credit to anyone in the world. …


Vladimir Tikhomirov

CEO MyWish (

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